Valneva share: It gets interesting at these prices

Valnev’s shares are almost „extremely quiet”. Since October 2022, the biotech stock has fluctuated sideways between a support zone of €6 and a resistance zone of around €7.26/€7. . After the failed hacking attempt in January, Valneva’s share price recently fell again. Yesterday’s Paris trading prices between 6,152 and 6,278 euros show: Valneva’s share has currently returned to the lowest level of the trading range. After yesterday’s closing price of 6,226 euros on the Paris Stock Exchange, Tradegate is currently at 6,166/6,226 euros. If the lower zone of the lateral movement remains a support, the buy zone of Valneva share (WKN: A0MVJZ, ISIN: FR000 056851, Chart ) has been reached. But watch out when the wide support zone around the €6 mark is broken. The range reaches 5.91/5.98 euros. A stable sell signal at this stage can lower Valneva’s share price by 5. 6/5.56 euros and .95/5.03 euros. Lateral movement limits are important But when the stock price bounces off the support area, things get interesting. At the latest, a price increase above EUR 6.7 can bring back the upper edge of the trading range. The first smaller obstacles are expected to be around 7 euros. But the above marks are crucial. A stable success above 7. euros would be a clear buy signal for Valneva shares, as investor’s analyzes have shown for weeks. The general situation would therefore become much clearer. In the case of Valneva shares, the first sign of resistance can be found in the range of 7.80 euros and the upper end of the gap between the decline that opened in mid-September at 7.378 / 8.068 euros. Then more buy signals would target obstacles in a wide corridor near the 9 euro mark.

Ethan Andrews

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