va-Q-tec: EQT offers „the best overall package”

An EQT purchase offer for va-Q-tec is coming to your door. The CEO of Va-Q-tec AG, Joachim Kuhn, tells investor reporters in an interview about the reactions of the shareholders and his opinion about the offer of the Swedish investment giant in the environment of the Wallenberg family, which has been interested for a long time. Würzburg wants to participate and is planning major investments. investors: EQT Private Equity va-Q-tec (WKN: 663668, ISIN: DE0006636681, chart) is currently undergoing an offer acceptance period for , shareholders. They say the offer is in the best interest of the company and shareholders. How? Kuhn: We have looked in detail at various ways in which we can enable va-Q-tec’s long-term development strategy as a fast-growing technology company with regular investment needs. With EQT, we have found an ideal partner for that, who shares our vision and wants to support us as a private company at various levels in the future. For shareholders, the offer price of €26 per share represents an attractive 98 percent premium compared to va-Q-tec’s unchanged volume-weighted average share price over the last three months to December 9, 2022. Therefore, from our perspective, EQT offers the best overall package for va-Q-tec and its shareholders, taking into account various criteria. investors: Why is EQT the perfect partner for va-Q-tec? Kuhn:EQT invests as an entrepreneur and long-term partner, whose roots go back to more than a hundred years of investment activities of the Swedish entrepreneurial Wallenberg family. In the spirit of an entrepreneurial dynasty, EQT is known today for supporting well-positioned medium-sized companies in their further development and thus promoting their market position in the long term. Therefore, EQT also shares our values ​​and vision and is ready to invest in the long-term development of our technologies and locations. EQT is planned to mean a capital increase of around 35 million euros, the proceeds of which we will invest, for example, in the further development of vacuum heating technology. At the same time, we also benefit from EQT’s know-how and global network. va-Q-tec boss Kuhn: „The price of the offer is fair from a financial point of view” investors: The offer means a premium of almost 100 percent before the offer. Is that an exaggeration? Kuhn: Together with the Council we carefully reviewed EQT’s procurement documents with a Council colleague. Taking into account the assessment of the financial advisor ParkView Partners – the so-called Fairness opinion – we came to the conclusion that the offer price is financially fair and the fee attractive. From our perspective, the offer price also reflects EQT’s great appreciation for our highly successful work and technology. investors: Why do you think investors should accept the offer? Kuhn: We have already discussed the attractiveness of the advertising bonus. At the same time, we believe that the stock market environment for fast-growing technology companies will remain challenging in the near future, also against the background of recent macroeconomic, geopolitical and monetary policy developments. Therefore, the EQT offering is currently a welcome opportunity for many investors to realize an attractive valuation at a high premium in a short period of time. However, this is only possible if the minimum acceptance rate of 62.5 percent is achieved. If the offer fails, it is unclear how the share price will develop. However, the fact is that va-Q-tec’s share price was significantly lower for much of 2022 before the offer was announced. In addition, by accepting the offer, our shareholders support the long-term and sustainable development of va-Q-tec. Our workforce and especially our offices could also benefit from this. That is why we count on the support of every va-Q-tec shareholder. Deadline for submission to shareholders is February 16th Investors: What has been the reaction from investors so far? Kuhn: The 98 percent award speaks for itself and also supports our business strategic motivation behind the partnership with EQT. We constantly hear that there are many investors operating in the region and that our locations in Würzburg and Kölleda and the long-term development of the company are very important to them. So they also support the arrival of EQT, with which we want to use the full potential of our technology in the best possible way in the long term. Of course, we are honored by the loyalty and support of our shareholders! That is why I also appeal to all shareholders who are still not sure to support us in our plans and leave their shares in the offer. Because only if at least 62.5 percent of the shares are transferred before the end of the confirmation, we can implement them and the shareholders participating in the offer will receive the offer price of 26.00 euros per share. The deadline to accept the offer is February 16. Refrigerators from va-Q-tec. Refrigerators from va-Q-tec investors: how did your customers and partners view the current development? Kuhn: From the moment our plans became public, it was important for us to include our business partners in this journey. EQT’s expertise as a globally active strategic investor and partner of innovative companies is already known to many – especially thanks to EQT’s majority investment in Envirotainer. At the same time, our customers understand the added value that a partnership with EQT offers to va-Q-tec and ultimately to themselves. For example, the planned merger of our Pharma TempChain business with Envirotainer will enable us to offer our customers an even wider range of products in the future. At the same time, with the support of EQT, the efficiency of thermal energy and the production of thermal boxes in an independent company – va-Q-tec 2.0is further developed and the technology is expanded to various possible applications. Our customers will also benefit

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