TeamViewer share: “Insider buying” – will the bear market crash anyway?

The TeamViewer share is currently attracting attention due to „insider purchases” from management. This can be a positive sign, but does not have to result in short-term price gains. In any case, a look at the share price of the tech company shows that no sustainable trend reversal has been realized so far. The bear market low of EUR 8.858 was reached at the beginning of July. But the interim price recovery to up to 11.186 euros has now been sold off again to a large extent.

Compared to the previous bear market, the recovery movement was marginal. Even the 2022 high of EUR 16.47 remained far away in the recovery movement. Technically, the TeamViewer share (WKN: A2YN90, ISIN: DE000A2YN900, Chart) has not yet managed to break out of the downtrend – despite this interim movement in July and August.

On the current situation of the TeamViewer share. The picture would improve if the share price managed to break out of the recovery high with the resistance zone at EUR 11.00/11.19.

At the moment, however, the focus is elsewhere: After the price slide in the last three days from EUR 10.65 to EUR 9.634 in yesterday’s trading, TeamViewer’s shares have to defend themselves against potential new sell signals. The technical support at EUR 9.40/9.50 could come under pressure. Current indications in Tradegate trading are listed at EUR 9.59/9.64. A slip below the chart technical support could be enough to send the TeamViewer share in the direction of the broad bearish low zone of EUR 8.858/9.124 – despite all „insider buying”.

Ethan Andrews

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