Split payment, a new mode of consumption?

Offered to consumers for several years, split payment has experienced unprecedented growth in recent months, at the crossroads of the health crisis and the inflation that is sweeping the country.

A booming way of consuming

Buying a television right away, but paying for it in 3 or 5 instalments? This is possible, thanks to what is called split payment.

This payment facility can be offered both online and in store by selecting the option when paying for your purchase.

If split payment has been around for a long time, buyers have been using it more and more for a few months, due to the health crisis and inflation which is reducing their purchasing power.

On a European scale, more than one in three Europeans has already paid for a purchase in installments or on a deferred basis (1). The palm goes to the Belgians and the Portuguese with 40% and the French come in good third with 37%.

France even climbs to the second step of the podium of the countries most using split payment.

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