USD/BRL: Vote Concluded and Brazilian Real now awaits Frenzy

USD/BRL should offer speculators a true forex betting environment today; this after Lula da Silva apparently won the Brazilian presidential vote. USD / BRL closed this weekend near the 5.2959 level before yesterday’s Brazilian election, which was won by Lula da Silva. USD/BRL saw some selling activity on Friday. This vote result opens the door to early price action today, which is sure to open a gap. Advertisement Image Strong Dollar Swings Make Very Profitable Trades Move Now! The question for speculators is how USD/BRL will move in the first hour of trading today. Although leftist Lula da Silva won a close race against President Jair Bolsonaro, Bolsonaro’s party won a majority in Brazil’s Congress, triggering strong opposition to the policy if they disagreed with the president’s bill. . Technical charts are important, but reaction and behavioral opinions are critical. Interestingly, Friday’s decline and decline into the weekend could be a sign of things to come for USD/BRL. While financial institutions may not be happy about Lula da Silva’s victory for the left, strong political opposition in Congress means that economic policy may not stray too far from the center, which could create a quieter than expected USD/BRL in the near term. . deadline At USD / BRL, a fairly volatile opening is expected today. Investors without open positions may want to wait an hour and watch the early price for the forex situation to calm down. Support at 5.2600 should be seen as strong bearish for the country as selling declines and traders may look for bullish reversals. Technical speculators may consider a move above 5.3700 overvalued. Exceptional trade expected and an opportunity to bet soon Today could turn out to be a „classic” FX day in USD / BRL, as financial institutions react to the outcome of the Brazilian election. The potential for economic policy could create a storm for USD/BRL for many days, but soon it could be quite difficult to balance, which would create quite mixed conditions. Traders should be able to take advantage of the volatility and bet on the upside, as support levels are being flirted with in the near term. Lula da Silva took profits and this is likely to strengthen USD/BRL in the medium term. In the short term, this is likely to help speculators take advantage of potential reversals if support levels prove to be persistent.

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