The ruble compensated for the morning fall

The ruble won back the morning fall on the Moscow Exchange and moved to growth to 58.29 per dollar and 58.37 per euro

Coins with a face value of one ruble.

MOSCOW, July 15 – PRIME. The ruble in the first hour of trading on Friday compensates for the morning fall against the dollar and goes positive against the euro, follows from the data of the Moscow Exchange.

The dollar exchange rate with settlements „tomorrow” at 10.53 Moscow time decreased by 1 kopeck, to 58.29 rubles, the euro fell by 38 kopecks, to 58.37 rubles, follows from the data of the Moscow Exchange.

In the first minutes of trading on Friday, the dollar rose to a maximum of 59.05 rubles, the euro – up to 59.18 rubles.

Ethan Andrews

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