The expert explained how Europe will survive the decline in gas supplies from Russia

Emergency measures to reduce gas consumption will help Europe survive the reduction in supplies from Russia, Vygon Consulting consultant Ivan Timonin said in a comment to RIA Novosti.

„In the context of a policy to reduce imports of Russian gas in the short term, the only solution for Europe may be the adoption of emergency measures aimed at reducing consumption,” the source said.

At the same time, opportunities to increase the supply of liquefied natural gas from alternative producers – primarily Qatar and the United States – will open for the region no earlier than 2025-2026 – after the introduction of large projects currently under construction, he added.

„However, the contracting of potential new volumes will also have to compete with Asian consumers,” the Vygon analyst concluded.

The European Commission, after the start of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, developed the REPowerEU plan. It assumes a reduction in Russian gas imports by about 100 billion cubic meters – two-thirds – by the end of the year. According to the International Energy Agency, the European Union imported 155 billion cubic meters of gas from Russia in 2021, which is 45% of European imports and 40% of its total consumption.

Earlier, experts noted that not only savings, but also an increase in pipeline supplies from Norway, Algeria and Azerbaijan, as well as additional volumes of LNG from the USA and Qatar, will help get through the period of reduced supplies from Russia.

Ethan Andrews

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