The best time of the year for Bitcoin has just begun

The first week in the stock market was very positive, but fortunately it is still early, investors need patience to find peace. The stock market riot earlier this week hasn’t killed the bears yet! Investors have finally noticed that the stock market is doing better in recent days. After a terrible September that pushed the major stock indexes into a bear market, the first two sessions of October were impressive. However, that euphoria waned on Wednesday morning as investors seemed poised for another positive day. You can see that although the market is starting to compete, they still have bad days, it is impossible to predict the movement of stock prices in the short term. What is certain is that long-term investors will have to be patient to take advantage of the recovery. In addition, the coming weeks are likely to bring much more uncertainty, making it even more important to trust your own opinions about the companies in which you have invested.

Ethan Andrews

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