Nel ASA share in rally mood: next stop at 15 Norwegian kroner?

In recent weeks, the Nel ASA share managed to recover significantly from the price drop reached in mid-October to NOK 9.83. The share price of the Norwegian hydrogen company rose to a new high yesterday in the recovery movement in the technology rally. At 1:69 p.m., Nel ASA (WKN: A0B733, ISIN: NO0010081235, Chart) NOK shares hit their highest level of the day on the Oslo Stock Exchange and ended trading up 8.35 percent for the day. The share of hydrogen 13.03/13.28 in the Norwegian krone rose above an important technical barrier, which has been a strong barrier in recent days and prevented further price increases. With the following rally, Neli shares almost reached the upper Bollinger band (currently NOK 13.777 and rising) and the 200-day mark.

Ethan Andrews

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