Near Tula, the movement of trains was restored, previously blocked due to an accident

The movement of trains on the section of the railway near Tula has been restored, it was previously blocked due to the derailment of wagons, the press service of the Moscow Railway reported.

Earlier it was reported that passenger trains follow alternative routes through Yelets, Orel and Tula due to the derailment of cars in the Tula region at the Uzlovaya-3-Zhdanka section at 15.46, repair work is underway. According to the Ministry of Railways, the derailment of 12 cars occurred due to the actions of outsiders during the theft of metal.

„Traffic on one track on the section Uzlovaya 3 – Zhdanka in the Tula region is open. Today at 5:08 o’clock the railway workers restored the movement of trains on one track on the section Uzlovaya 3 – Zhdanka in the Tula region. Currently, trains on the stage are passed alternately in both directions „, the message says.

It is added that the restoration of infrastructure on site continues, more than 200 railway workers are involved in the work.

Ethan Andrews

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