More cities in China sent into COVID lockdown as cases mount

  • In the southern province of Hainan two cities (total population just under 1 million), Dongfang and Chengmai, extended the lockdowns currently in place. The 3 data lockdown are now for around a week, so far anyway. Further cases will of course raise the probability of restrictions extending in time, and area.
  • Also in Hainan, provincial capital Haikou locked down its 2.9mn people, between 0700-1800 local time.
  • Tibet’s biggest city Lhasa told residents not to go out unless they have special and urgent matters to attend to between Friday and Monday.
  • Korla city in western Xinjiang imposed lockdowns (ps. you’ll see the newish term “static management” for lockdowns in China now) starting Saturday for at least five to seven days.

There are more, but you get the idea.

Ethan Andrews

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