Canada October employment change 108.3K vs. 10.0K

Previous report 21.1 pcs Expected change in employment 108.3 000 vs 10 0 000. Unemployment rate 5.2% vs 5.3% expected. 5.2 thousand last month. The record minimum was .9% reached in June and July. % Last month. The peak of the business cycle was 65. % in February and March 2022. Average hourly wages for years rose to 5.5% from a 0.7% increase in total hours worked in 5.2D . Total hours worked during the urine year increased by 2.2 days other details: , Private sector workers rose for the first time since March 2022 Public sector workers were little changed , Private sector workers accounted for most of the employment growth in October, which increased (7 ,000). ; 0.6%) for the first time since March 2022. The number of private sector workers in October was 3 9,000 (2.8%) more than the pre-pandemic level of February 2020. After the increase in September, the number of employees of the public sector did not change much in October. Compared to February 2020, the number of employees in the public sector increased by 392,000 (10.1%). The number of people working in the construction sector increased by 25,000 (1.6%) in October Employment in industry increased by 2 ,000 (1. %), largely offsetting the 28,000 (-1.6%) decline recorded in September. , The number of people employed in the accommodation and food service sector increased by 18,000 (1.7%) in October, the industry’s first increase since May. , Employment in professional, scientific and technical services increased by 18,000 (1.0%) in October, the third increase in six months. The number of people working in wholesale and retail trade decreased by 20,000 in October (-0.7%). Canada added , jobs in the current month, the most since March 2022, when the number of jobs was 336.6,000. From July, August to September, jobs fell by about 11 ,000. This report refutes the job losses. Last month employment was 21.1 K. Overall a very strong report

Ethan Andrews

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