After a disappointing half year: „The rich are increasing their investments in shares”

In the US, an  investable asset of more than $30 million is considered an ultra-high-net-worth individual (UHNWI). The members of the Tiger 21 investment club are not quite as wealthy, but still „well-heeled”. Michael Sonnenfeldt, founder and chairman of the exclusive investment club, has now revealed how the members currently invest.

Sonnenfeldt told CNBC that the approximately 1,200 members, each of whom had to have at least $20 million in liquid assets at the time of initiation, are now increasingly investing in stocks, after historically real estate has been the most popular asset class. 

According to Sonnenfeldt, the majority of investments flow into ETFs and index trackers. The technology sector is one of the most popular sectors, while stock picking is less of a focus for the rich. Overall, equity investments now account for about 27 percent of the investment club’s $140 billion total asset allocation.

Ethan Andrews

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